Last update 2023 Q1

Project Timeline

Phase 1 2022 Q3-Q4

Establish the company

Phase 2 2023 Q1-Q2

Building Mining facilities & Solar Power hubs

Phase 3 2023 Q3-Q4

Development of Cloud Mining & DeFi platforms

Phase 1

Project implementation

December 2020

an idea to create a cryptocurrency mining farm which would only use renewable energy sources was born

August 10 2022

SVR token was created

September 1-7 2022

SVR token presale on

October 11 2022

SVR token listed on

October 27 2022

SVR Token listed on

December 2022

Company was established and Became part of

Phase 2

Project development

2023 Q1

Acquire the land for solar power plant & mining datacenter

2023 Q1

Install a new 200kw electric power station on the property

2023 Q1

Release staking for $SVR token holders ON Third-party Exchange

2023 Q1-Q3

Construction of Solar power plants & Crypto Mining datacenter

2023 Q1

establishing development team

Phase 3

Project development

2023 Q2

Development of cloud mining & DEFI PLATFORMS

2023 Q3

begin cryptocurrency mining, using renewable energy sources

2023 Q4

platform testing & processing through the final stages

2024 Q1-Q3

Launch of cloud mining & Defi platforms

  • $SVR token was created and released to a public
  • Token listed on multiple exchanges
  • Companies department heads meeting with partners
  • The company was established and become part of Dutch Installation Group B.V.
  • Datacenter Construction property arrangements were made
  • An assessment of the company
  • Grouping of Development Department
  • Acquire the property (Land)
  • Install electrical power station
  • Meetings with heads of departments
  • Project assessment & Integration
  • Construction site preparations
  • Solar Power hub construction
  • Datacenter construction
  • Audit & KYC presentation

Further updates will follow after the above steps are complete

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